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Glass Types & Available Options

Low-e coatings can enhance the energy efficiency of windows and doors, reduce condensation, and help screen out the harmful ultra-violet (UV) rays that fade your furniture, carpeting and paintings. These nearly invisible coatings can be applied to windows in different ways to reduce wintertime heat loss in cold climates r to reduce summertime heat gain in warm climates. Soft coat (or sputter coat) low-e must face the interior side of the insulating glass, because it is subject to damage from weather or window washing. Hardcoat low-e is durable enough to be used with single-pane glass, but is typically considered somewhat less effective than soft coating. To get the maximum benefit from low-e coating, it’s critical to choose the coating that’s most appropriate for your specific climate and for the orientation of the windows and doors to which it’s being applied.

Tinted glass can be effective in reducing solar heat gain and glare inside a home and in filtering out damaging UV rays. In warmer climates where solar heat is the major cause of high energy bills, tinted glass has proven to be an economical way of lowering these costs, as well as improving interior comfort. Care must be taken win choosing the tint that’s right for you. Some tints will lower solar heat gain while still letting through bright light. Other, darker tints can provide privacy without the use of draperies or blinds.

Safety or tempered glass shatters into small pieces without sharp edges when broken. Building codes require tempered glass for all glazed doors and typically for any glazed area that’s less than 18 inches from the finished floor. Tempered glass is also a suitable option for any window where additional strength is required.

Impact-resistant glass is an excellent option for meeting building codes that require windows and doors to be protected against penetration by windborne debris. Impact-resistant glass consists of two panes of glass laminated together with a polymer interlayer. In addition to providing hurricane protection, windows and doors with impact-resistant glass also offer protection against intruders, outside noise and fading UV light. Impact-resistant glass meets the same requirements for safety glazing as tempered glass.

Obscure glass admits light but can’t be seen through. It may be an ideal choice for a bathroom window.

Grilles or Muntins simulate a divided lite appearance that can add architectural interest and a traditional look to your windows and doors. You may choose them from windows on the street side, where they’ll add the most to your home’s appearance. Muntins may be applied to the interior or exterior of your windows or both. With insulating glass, muntins may be installed between the panes of glass, making for easier washing. Some manufacturers also offer custom designs.

Frame Color’s Available-

Aluminum Frame


Vinyl Frame


Aluminum Impact & Mid Rise Products Frame

Gray Painted

Eterna Wood Grain Finish-

Dark Walnut
Dark Oak
Light Oak

** Available on CA740, PW/FL701, FD750, SGD780* and Mulls SGD780* and Mulls